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Concise overview on how light behaves on different forms

Pose from tonight’s life drawing session. It is nice getting some practice.

Pose from tonight’s life drawing session. It is nice getting some practice.

Nike, goddess of victory for the Sketch Dailies prompt.

Nike, goddess of victory for the Sketch Dailies prompt.

Do you know what I find myself telling almost every artist I critique?




Take a risk, make a leap. Even if you have all of the technical skills you could ever need, there’s always something that you’re shying away from.

Take that thing on! Consider it an artistic adventure. Your comfort zone might be a cozy little one room cottage or a…

Know what will help you get out of your comfort zone? Draw a friggin’ comic. You suck at backgrounds? To bad, you’ll have to put them in. Terrible at hands? Too bad, characters can’t walk around all the time with hands stuck in the their pocket. You never draw dynamic angles, well better get on it, or your pages will like boring as fuck. Scene calls for something you’ve never drawn before? Better get a reference and learn real fast.

GUEST TUESDAY: Perspective guides!


Hey, I’m Dirk Grundy, I make an internet comic titled String Theory. It’s About villainy and no-goodniks, responsibility shirking, and feeling lost. I think. Mostly it’s the product of me just loving the creepy buttholes in movies and comics and suchlike. Anyway.


Tintin for the Sketch Dailies prompt

Tintin for the Sketch Dailies prompt

Time to work on issue number 3, first fleshing out the outline, then writing all the scenes. Hopefully, I won’t go over the page limit this time.

Well, I am over my page budget. I can probably condense some of the panels. I have to go through the document anyway and flesh out descriptions and edit everything. It may not matter anyway when I get to drawing, I may redo the entire layout once I put pencil to paper. Now on to outlining issue 3 in more detail.

Going to flesh out my outline into a script for issue 2. Hoping it isn’t too much for ~22 pages. I am excited to flesh out an action scene.

Working on a comic

I have decided to work on a comic in my spare time. I have to get these ideas of of my head and work on something different from my day job.

I have outlines of each character and the rough outline of the entire plot. Now I am plotting out the first few issues.